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from 4 200 rubles

Luxe - comfortable room consisting of a living room and a bedroom with smart furniture, refined design, 1 double bed, the total area of the room - 40 sq.m

from 2 800 rubles

Double Standard Room, a one bedroom area of the first category of 16 sq.m with 2 single beds in it.


from 6 000 rubles

Double deluxe room, an area of 97 sq.m. consisting of 2 bedrooms ( a bathroom in each) and 1 common hall.

from 7 000 rubles

Apartments - a comfortable four-room deluxe of a special design of 117 sq.m. (a bedroom, a living room and a dining room).


from 4 700 rubles

Studio, a comfortable room of 48 sq.m. with special design and 1 double bed.


from 12 000 rubles

Suite - a comfortable five-room apartment of the deluxe category consists of a living room, 2 bedrooms, a dining room and a cabinet, an area of 177 sq. m.


from 2 800 rubles

Single Standard Rooma one bedroom area of the first category of 15-18 sq.m. with a twin bed in it.

from 6 300 rubles

President-Deluxean area of 60 sq.m. consisting of 2 rooms with a bathroom in each and high quality furniture and a double bed.

About hotel

Hotel "Atal" is located in the administrative, historical and cultural center of the city on the banks of the man-made lagoon with wonderful fountains and reflecting in the mirror of the water views of landmarks XVI - XX centuries.



All rooms are equipped with direct telephone, TV, mini-bars, safes, hairdryers, bathrooms or showers. All junior suites, studios and suites are air-conditioned.


Where are we?

Hotel "Atal" 

Location: Cheboksary, Presidential Boulevard, 13