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Joint-Stock Company (JSC) “Hotel "Atal"

Address: 428003 Cheboksary, President Boulevard 13

Phone: (8352) 62-31-09, (8352) 62-29-97; Fax: (8352) 62-63-08

Tax Payer Number (TPN) / TRRC (Tax Registration Reason Code)2130121610 / 213001001

Name of a  Consignee:  JSC “Hotel "Atal" 

Personal account:  407 028 101 000 000 07367  BIC 49706723


“Migration registration of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship in Russian Federation”

Due to the local registration law (Federal Law dated 18.07.06 № 109-ФЗ, effective 15.01.07, “Migration registration of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship in Russian Federation” the hotel registers and brings an arrival notification form for each foreign guest or a person without citizenship to the local office of Federal Migration Department.

The hotel can refuse in accommodation if a foreign visitor doesn’t provide all the necessary documents for registration, prooving his legal stay on the territory of the Russian Federation in accordance with the Federal Law dated 18.07.06 № 109-ФЗ.


Upon arrival a foreign guest gives his consent for processing personal data with the help of automatic means, with the purpose of registration and transfer to the public authorities due to the Federal Law dated 27.07.06 № 152-ФЗ“Personal data”. A guest can recall the consent at any time on the ground of the written request.

About hotel

Hotel "Atal" is located in the administrative, historical and cultural center of the city on the banks of the man-made lagoon with wonderful fountains and reflecting in the mirror of the water views of landmarks XVI - XX centuries.



All rooms are equipped with direct telephone, TV, mini-bars, safes, hairdryers, bathrooms or showers. All junior suites, studios and suites are air-conditioned.


Where are we?

Hotel "Atal" 

Location: Cheboksary, Presidential Boulevard, 13